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WoW Classic – A return to the Warcraft of old, World of Warcraft: Classic.
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  1. I just don't see it as being even close to the same. Everyone will know where to go, will be screaming, "DUDE YOUR DPS SUCKS BRO!" and be power leveling to get to 'end game content'.

    The best part of WOW back in the day was most people were exploring the World, there were limited resources to watch 'what to do' or 'where to go', you had to figure things out for yourself, there was no guide saying, "This is what you HAVE to do!" etc. When you leveled your friends would be like, "Grats man!" Now it'll be, "Dang only level 24? Grind faster dude, we're trying to raid tomorrow, and TAILORING!? LOL that prof is trash, go x or x! And make sure you go to zone x not zone y/z after you hit 25 – that's the fastest leveling if you grind out those mobs."

    WOW has been meta'd the F out of. I can see most people dumping Classic pretty quick. It's easy to get excited about it because we all remember what it was like playing this game early on. Coming home during College after working at a restaurant and eating shitty pizza rolls while playing into the wee hours of the night and wasting hours grinding some mob for a piece of gear that later turned out pretty crappy. But it didn't matter, and other people were saying, 'WOW!'

    Now everyone will know what to do and where to go and what raid gear is the best and exactly what to do and the fastest way to do it, and…. whatever. I loved Classic WOW, TBC, and WOTLK. I wont be playing this, though. Nothing can match the memories I had from the first EXPERIENCE playing WOW. Now it's just doing the same shit over again. Kripp I can maybe understand since he never played WOW Classic (he started in TBC).

  2. WOTLK was already shit. the reason the users peaked is because it took 2 expansion for WoW to become the world wide sensation that it became. it was all over the news. TBC and WOTLK ALREADY did A LOT of things wrong compared to vanilla. Flying mounts, resilience pvp gear, dungeon finder and so much more.

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