Pokemon Go Spoofing On Android with Joystick Safe Method No Shadow Ban No Root

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  1. Need help I try everything you show me I. Your video map doesn't pull up what am I doing wrong help me bro…used pro app and setup my google map api key and still doesn't work hit me back with some information thanks

  2. Dude, I need your help, so I got the app (finally), when I'm cloning FGL Pro or Fake Gps Location, under the privacy option when you go to the spoofer option, when I click it, it takes me to google maps but as soon as I try to search a location, it takes me back to the privacy option, so basically it doesn't allow me to use the spoof option, so after I cloned it , when I go onto my cloned app and set the mock location, when I try to activate the joystick it doesn't allow me to. How do I fix this. I've missed so much in pokemon go because of this stupid google play services shit

  3. Lol. Well looks like this is a lie. Have to whipe my phone. It sayed it was down loading it then installed. but there is no app cloner in phone. Okay went to google store redownloaded app cloner. To see if after trying to download the apk to see if it would unlock premium. it did not. Or is this one of them cases you need to root? How every after downloading the supposedly premium apk app cloner. That cant be found or used. When i go into device addmin apps there is something that say battery saver that was not there before or never was until after this down load. And also it does not have an icon.

  4. What Google play services are you running? Just curious… after new updates my other way doesn't work. About to try your method step by step to see. Just curious about your Google play service.

  5. Question. Why does it redirect me to some other site and wants me to sign up to it. And its not just 1 page it redirects to its multiple sites. And it does not matter which down load link you click on they all do it. Other then that good videos so far very informational. Thanks

  6. Great video vic always keeping us 1 step ahead of then you the man bro, after climbing so we still need to downgrade google services or it dont matter since it's it own app now?

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