Overwatch: Greatest Pro Lucio Play EVER! – Jayne 200 IQ Coaching

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Team Canada sure put on a show this weekend at the Overwatch World Cup 2018 LA Group Stage, with the high coordinated ult fight engages to new multi dive tank comps and of course, the great pro lucio play ever where Agilities shows max disrespect as he wastes sound barrier to secure an even cooler highlight clip. A lot of team Canada’s success seems to be coming from disciplined coaching which makes sense with Jayne, Twitch streamer, teacher and Coach extraordinaire at the helm, setting up…


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  1. Lemme say the reasons y Canada lost today. Bani the most garbage main support fed and die first every single team fight. Space is better than note. Also xQc is a lil washed from pro play. Now heres where usa messed up, the us revealed all their good and unexpected comps. Canada just play standard comps and i think they have sumthing up theirs sleeve that will smack sinatraa upside his toxic face.

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