How to get the Super Mario Odyssey World Record for Cap Kingdom!

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A video guide explaining all of the world record strats for cap kingdom in the any% category for Super Mario Odyssey Speedrunning! I cover all the advanced tech and movement for a near perfect cap kingdom in as much detail as possible! If you’re just starting out with speedrunning I would suggest going through my beginner’s series before watching these!

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  1. I've actually been looking to begin making small improvements since I know there's a lot of time I'm missing out on that I don't see, and this helped to point out a lot of it in cap (I have a 2:26 right side so I'll prob be looking at 2:25 maybe even 2:24 right side, as I don't see left side being worth it since these small changes feel pretty free). Cascade I'm actually fairly confident in already, as a lot of movement feels much more straight forward in terms of optimisation, but I'm sure there'll be some more minor things in there. I more look forward to Sand though, since that's the first kingdom I feel I can improve by a solid amount.

  2. Anyone good enough at this game to be considering these strats should be able to make their own variants to each strat, such as the fast topper fight or left side.

  3. I will be making one of these videos for each kingdom as I get the world record in them. At the time of making this, I have a Cap and Cascade tied WR. The Cascade video will come out relatively soon, but tutorial videos after that are likely to slow down because it's gonna take me a while to get the records. Wish me luck!
    (oh, the run in the video was spliced btw. That's not my pb!)

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