6 NEW PLAYABLE RACES! WoW: Battle for Azeroth “Allied Races” Preview!

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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth adds 6 new playable races to the game, with there being plans to add even more!

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  1. How lame.
    Nightborne joined the Alliance and reunited with the Night Elves when they decided to allow NE's to be mages. Now they are ret-conning to make them Horde. Sure, they added an 'insurrection' but that just makes it sound like they were planning this all along. in which case, they never should have added them to the NE's to begin with. Also, does this mean they will remove the ability for NE's to be mages as technically, from a lore standpoint) all the NE mages were Nightborne?
    Iron Dwarves were also added via lore when they decided to allow Dwarves to be Warlocks. Same with the Wild Hammer Dwarves when they said Dwarves could be shamans. Really, instead of 'adding' a 'new race' why not just add more customization options to the existing Dwarves to accomodate for the appearance differences of Iron Dwarves and Wild Hammer Dwarves?

    Sandari Trolls are just another troll tribe. Likewise, the new Tauren race is literally another tribe of Taurens. neither is truly a new race at all. As with the Dwarves, customization options would be a better way to go.

    Void Elves and Lightforged Draenai… Again, literally just new skins of existing races.

    Also, they made the two 'special' races both Alliance. Fucking over the Horde players yet again.

    Seriously, this is why I do not play this game anymore. Players have been asking for new races for years. Mentioning very viable races like the Tanauka (who the Horde technically recruited during the WotLK expac YEARS GO! Recruited via an actual played quest-line, too. I know, i did the quest!) But when Blizzard finally gets around to adding new races, what do the players get? A bunch of reskins of existing races with a shit ton of hoops to jump through in terms of 'content additions' to be able to play them.

  2. I know the game is all about the horde vs alliance, but after playing that for a decade plus, sort off gets old. Still never got used to Tauran are ok with fighting against elves and humans, with undead at their side … Or the fact that all horde races were just looking for a place to call home.

  3. Set world of Warcraft free. ( teaching youth patience?)…. No Mounts or flying creatures on level 11?????
    Blizzard sucks. Why not create an interesting gameplay when you at it??….?
    Lack of programming skills or alchemy!!!……..??? Might be interesting a hundred years from now.

  4. Hello everyone just have a question that I have not been able to find an answer to anywhere, is there anything bad that happens or lose, when you race change? Looking to changing over one of my rooms to a nightborne but not sure if there is a huge negative impact that happens if I were to do so?

  5. so you have to play all the content to unlock the new character race, then you can change to that race or start over as that race after everything is done… seems well thought out /sarcasm

  6. I Still Don't Understand Why You Have To Pay Monthly For Wow, Can't You Just Pay Once And Just Have The Game. Also I Feel Like, Why Add New Races And Just Have Those Races Be Slightly Different Versions Of Existing Races…

  7. new races????
    They look the same as the old ones…..
    Dwarves are darker skin…. Dranei no difference at all… same with the Elves, no difference.

    Pathetic blizzard once again.

  8. Let’s be honest here, maby this “sub races” should have been added to the race specifics just in a side tab like the maghar as an option with the Orks, the high mountain in the options of the Tauren, they are just waiting space in the Charakter creation screen! But heck I agree that they were lazy…. only reskins and not even new starter zones, they just let you go directly to orgrimmar ( night borne ) they even recycled animations, dance, casting animations, very scarce customization options and they are also missing some of the new voice emotes…. ( /doom , / taunt ) idk… I think the idea of sub races were really good and I really like them but come on…. so lazy… nothing new, I don’t feel the urge to level a high mountain Tauren just because they have nicer horns…… and also high mountain Tauren paladin isn’t a thing? But maby that’s lore related I don’t know… like I said, good idea, good addition but not satisfying… rather disappointing!

  9. The other races you mentioned would be cool as playable races but it seems like we're getting re skinned versions of the races we already have. So I'm curious how Blizzard will handle new Forsaken and Goblins lore wise.

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